Natalia Gontcharova raging against the machine since 1881

Art History

I Wish To Display My Artistic Development

Natalia Gontcharova Self Portrait

Throughout her career in both Russia and the West, Natalia Gontcharova showcased her work in a series of solo exhibitions beginning in 1910. Though solo in name - these exhibitions often also included collaborations with and works by Gontcharova's life-long creative and domestic partner, Mikhail Larionov.

Do Not Ever Destroy Your Paintings

Natalia Gontcharova Paris Studio

In the world of Natalia Gontcharova, the seemingly simple act of dating a piece of her artwork is often made even more challenging by a combination of additional factors, not the least of which was her usual habit of not dating her works at their creation...

Examine Art From The Artistic Monuments

Natalia Gontcharova Centre Pompidou Collection

An alphabetical listing of institutions with works by Natalia Gontcharova held in their permanent collection, along with examples of those works (wherever available). This page is intended as a guide for you to find, visit and experience the Natalia near you…

Natalia Gontcharova raging against the machine since 1881